Ceiling Fans for Kids

Every kid and teenager wishes to personalize his/her space at home. You must have seen the walls of your kid’s room covered with posters of their idols and heartthrobs, ranging from sports stars to actors and celebrities. But customizing a room completely according to a specific theme is a quite modern trend, and is very much favored by both, kids and teenagers alike.

While customizing the room, the color, settings, etc., of the room needs to be changed. Furniture items like a bed, study table, drawers, suitable to the theme and preferred by children are specially prepared. Have you heard of ceiling fans for kids in different attractive styles? People may not be aware that even ceiling fans in attractive designs are easily available in the market. Let us have a look at the different styles of ceiling fans available for children.

Ceiling Fans for Kids

Ceiling fans meant for a kid’s room are obtainable in numerous colors, patterns, styles, and designs. They may have unusually shaped, colorful blades or lights attached. There is also a variety of ceiling fans having the different number of blades. Some ceiling fans for a kid’s room are even hand painted. Here are some of the types of ceiling fans for children.

For Boys:

  • Your little son will love to see the pictures of his favorite cartoon characters while going to bed. What can be better than having cartoons on the ceiling fan?
  • Nearly all boys love sports of some kind or the other. Let them have a ceiling fan with blades designed like a soccer or a baseball. There are even ceiling fans available having a ball-shaped lighting facility at the center of the fan.
  • If your teenage boy is the admirer of science and innovations, you can have a ceiling fan shaped like a UFO, rocket or an airplane fitted in his room.

For Girls:

  • Your little princess would love to have a princess or Barbie themed room. Why not have a ceiling fan full of such pictures? Besides being creative, it will be unique.
  • Decorative ceiling fans with designs of flowers and leaves will also help in creating a different look to your little girl’s room. Ceiling fans with cheetah print can also be different and unusual.
  • Ceiling fans in pastel colors will also be appreciated by the little girls. These fans complement with the overall color of the room. There are even ceiling fans for kids available with blades in the shape of colorful crayons.

Kids of both the genders will love to see ceiling fan blades with pictures of stars and a moon painted on it. If painted with special colors, they may even glow in the dark. The adventurous type of kids will also love ceiling fan blades looking like surfboards. You can even have ceiling fans with neon colors. They will shine at night and make the room very attractive. One of the unusual types of ceiling fan blade was found in the shape of a bat’s wings.

Ceiling fans can be used as an option instead of air conditioners. It will be a great gift for your kid to have a ceiling fan suitable to his taste and choice. You just need to research a bit to find the perfect and matching ceiling fan for your kid’s room. Be creative and look for designs that will help your kids to make their room unique and distinguished from the rest.

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