Before Buying a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are a great value addition to any home. These provide the room with comfortable air movement and are available with lighting that adds to the decorative touch. Choosing the apt ceiling fans for […]


Ceiling Fans for Kids

Every kid and teenager wishes to personalize his/her space at home. You must have seen the walls of your kid’s room covered with posters of their idols and heartthrobs, ranging from sports stars to actors […]


Wiring a Ceiling Fan

Any ceiling fan, weighing up to or more than 35 lbs, needs an electrical box and has to be secured to the structural frame. Make sure you have someone to help you with holding the […]


Ceiling Fan Direction

The ceiling fan direction. Who knew that a simple little science experiment would make the changing seasons easier to contend with? Well, for one, the guy who invented the ceiling fan did. And he came […]


Installing a Ceiling Fan

One of the most essential electric devices found in almost all homes is the ceiling fan. A ceiling fan not only cools the air evenly but it also freshens up the room’s atmosphere. The main […]


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